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POP before SMTP (e)
Linux pop before smtp

May be this program will be useful for you. It is a small daemon which waits for IPC-Messages from the pop-server. If you use this program, please let me know.
They look like:
<IP> <username>
it than takes the messages makes a timestamp when it received the messages, adds a TTL and writes this to /etc/postfix/pbs.
After this it runs "postmap /etc/postfix/pbs" so we get a db-file from it. You can add mynetworks=hash:/etc/postfix/pbs to your main.cf, so
users with the IP can relay mail.

Pascal Source (works now) Pascal Source (New Version, BETA)
Required stwort unit
Required FileAPI unit
C-Source to add in pop-daemon
Patched Version of popa3d (Version 0.6.3 follows)
If you have another favourite pop-daemon and want to get it listed here, just drop me a note.


Get a pop-daemon source.
Look for the authentication routine right after a successful login from the user. Grab the IP and the username and send it via an IPC Message to the pbsd program. (See sample above)
Edit the Pascal Source to suit your needs (or get a compiled version from here, not yet available). Compile the source with a free pascal compiler.
Create the necessary directory for the IPC (/tmp/pop)
Run the program from a bash like this:
/usr/local/sbin/pbs &
Start your pop-daemon.
Start a login to your pop-server. Look for the file /etc/postfix/pbs and watch the fields in it.
If you don't have any entries, look that you have created the directory and successfully implemented the IPC-Message in your pop-daemon.
If it still doesn't work so send me your changes which you made in the Pascal-Source and the C-Source of the pop-daemon.
If it works, watch it for a while, I'm not responsible for any damage!
to your main.cf in /etc/postfix
Test to relay a message through the mailserver.
Send comments, bug-reports or whishes to > devel a sys2.de

ATTENTION: The routine will not work if you are running the pop-daemon from inetd! This is because the pop-daemon doesn't get the remote-IP through inetd.


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